Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Welcome super grom to the family

Local all around shredder Tristan Price has landed himself a few new sponsors in the UK Longboarding scene! This video just scratches the surface of what he do!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Shredmas Party!

So, why the hell not?! After the success of last years sale at the Dangerous Decks workshop we've decided to go bigger and better this year.

We'll be hanging at Bar Surya on Pentonville road. Grreat location loads of comfy sofa’s plasma screens full bar, with soft drinks and (amazing) coffee for under 18's, teetotallers and nuns. From 11AM - 6PM they'll be a pop-up shop, we're bringing a sackful of treats so come grab a mega bargain, collect an order or just hang out. There's even free parking in the area on Sundays for you out of towners!  Upstairs we’ll be playing skate flicks nonstop, eating free food and playing games all day. Come down have an (amazing) coffee, a beer, eat our food and play on our Wii.

Address: 156 Pentonville Road,
N1 9JL

It wouldn't be a party without some friends there so expect to see: SexdecksKook CultureArbor longboardsShoveit MagazineMarmalade Skateboards and DAS Industries

Dont skate? No worries, just come and party with us in the evening!!! Free Entry, All ages welcome (until 11PM)! Live bands playing from 7-11pm

We have confirmed the following awesome bands to play in the evening, more to be announced:

Legend in Japan
Electrik Elf 
More to be announced.

We’ll also be giving away a bunch of longboarding gear from us and our friends all night so get yourself there!

Facebook event

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Once again, Newton's-Shred are proud to be sponsoring another great event at Hog Hill this month. Hogtoberfest is a weekend of downhill/freeride fun, slalom competition, camping and the infamous mini-moto challenge.
 We're going to have a stall on the hill so you can come and get your grubby mitts on some product, try our tester boards or even order online prior (we can't bring everything!) then pick up on the day to ensure we have what you want.

 New additions this year include a bouncy castle and “slide bowling” so extra carnage is predicted!

 We hope you're all as stoked as we are for this, see you on the hill!

 You can register here and get all the details you need on times, location, safety etc.
 Here is our facebook event where you can ask us to bring specific products to the event.
 And finally, here is the official Hogtoberfest facebook event

Monday, October 08, 2012

Have you noticed the New "Special Offer" section under "New arrivals" drop down tab ? If not you should because some big specials going on this month. We will have "Special Offers" every month, so watch this space!


Monday, October 01, 2012


I've tried body armour from many other companies. Before G-form I used plastic padding and other traditional foam. I’m not going to go in the scientific terms because to be honest I don’t care, all I care about is how those pads are after a many months of skateboarding.
My first impression when I received was “Fuck, I can’t believe all that can fit in one envelope and so light too.” I decided to try them straight out of the box and they feel like you are not wearing any protection; even the crash shorts fit under my skinny jeans.
My first ride with them was at my local hill in Southend, nothing amazing but I wanted to try them in the hot weather of England (28c) I had the the knees, elbows and the crash shorts . I never felt so comfortable and for 5 hours I forgot I had them on. If you worry about pads sliding down; not with these pads! They stayed in place and not once I had to re-adjust. But at the end of the session I knew that wasn't the real test.
2 weeks later at the IGSA Bo-Peep and I was determined to give the pads a real test in carnage corner.I fitted the knees, elbows, shins, crash short and the protective compression shirt under my leather and Man the pad don’t restrict your mobility and are very flexible even when you're tucking. But what really matters is do they really work when you crash at speed? I'm sure you all see the videos of some guy testing  the pads (IF NOT CLICK HERE) but i  wanted to make my own opinion and hell yeah, they work; I crashed few time and you can really feel the soft foam getting harder when impacted.
The bad side of these pad are if you are planning to go fast and ride with Duncan (and you know in the first place it’s a wrong idea to ride with him because 80% of the time he makes you crash!) These pads will not slide like traditional knee pads and will slide out from your knee, I really advise to wear the knee pads under a jeans if you are planning to go fast or your leathers. Any slow freeride (<30mph) the pad will stay in place and protect you but will not slide. 

Check out at 1.55 what's happen when you ride with Ducan...